17.01.17 ( 19 VISUAL JOURNAL )

She, like everyone else in the world, is a person of need. The fact that her needs coincide with a few just makes her more of a mystery than she herself cares to be. She is simple minded, driven by emotions, just like everyone else. She feels that it would be easier this ways, less complicated than having to say the words.

You can lie with her, make love to her, hold her for a while, but the moment she feels she is done, she would get up and leave without a word. Why should she console? Why should she comfort? Why should she care when no one else cares?

She feels the need too, for the warmth of care along with the heat of passion, for the tender hand on hers along with the firm hand that would toss and turn her world, for the hand that lets go and the one that grabs her hand pulls her back for a kiss before she leaves.

She has enticed many and has been seduced by a few, what makes you think she would let you in her world and be sure that you would not wreak havoc and leave like those men she knew? Persistence, desperation, need, greed, lust, desire, she has seen it all in men when they want her. She has seen the evils of men and faced it all the more. No, even if she feels that the words you say to her are true, that your actions are real, she would not just walk back to you.

Such is an enchantress.